Talk Dirty To Me

When I was in class 2, I wrote ‘I love you’ And sent it to a girl. She called it dirty. She said ‘eww’. And into the bin, it flew.   In boarding school, Some of my girl friends Slept in the same bed For far too long. And the warden Striped them with her … Continue reading Talk Dirty To Me


Why Humans Speak

I love the confidence with which they speak: Can girls really work at night? Work on deadlines so tight? Do I really know programming? I don’t look like I study Science.   My nails clicked and clacked on the desk As I shrunk in size inside - Remembering I am female, Remembering I’m seen as less. … Continue reading Why Humans Speak


She had a love-hate relationship with her tears. Which really just symbolised her difficult relationship with emotions - well, any emotion that betrayed vulnerability. She did not fully comprehend tears. What purpose did it serve? Why, at their most emotional, do people leak from their eyes? It was laughable, perhaps ironically. She was proud of … Continue reading Tearless