What Is Wrong With Asking Questions?

When something pisses me off, I write. So, I write, what is wrong with asking questions?

Irony. People who are made fun of for asking questions, make fun of others for asking questions, who again make fun of others for asking questions.

Well, this is not ironic at all. In fact, it is intentional. When you are made fun of, the best defense is to join your bullies in making fun of others for similar reasons. I know that, because I have done that. Of course, I am ashamed.

Well, a long while ago I had seen some unsuitable “teachers” express astonishment at a question of a child who rightly knew less than them. “How can you not know that?”

Unsurprisingly, the child never publicly expressed her doubts again.

In the eleventh grade, one of the reasons I quit science was an ass of a teacher who made me feel that I am stupid; a teacher who replied to the questions of his pupils with, “If you do not know that yet, I cannot help you,” and “I will not grace such a dumb question with an answer.”

When someone asks me something they do not know, a lot of them ask it with an embarrassed giggle. A giggle that is meant to convey, “I know that a person of my stature should already know that.” It is meant to convey, “I know that this is a stupid question. Do not think that I possess such little intelligence that I would think this is a legitimate question to ask.” Well, you know how I answer? I answer like it is a legitimate question to ask. Because every question is a legitimate question. I may know things that you may not. But you know things that I do not. That does not decide the extent of our intelligence.

Recently, I met a person I cannot praise enough, and among the things I love about Abhishek Dey, is the fact that he asks every question like it is a legitimate question. It is not accompanied by an egoistic, embarrassed giggle, but with wide, curious eyes. That is refreshing.

I think that everything around us should be questioned. I do not mean rejected, I mean questioned. It is how we keep learning and growing. Curiosity is a valuable asset. It is the ones who do not ask questions whose intelligence I, personally, would question. (Not that I’m an authority on these things.)

Also, remember, making fun of someone else may seem harmless to you. But the experience is entirely different for those making fun and the one being made fun of. It can affect how people see themselves for the rest of their lives. I’m speaking from experience.

Good night.


6 thoughts on “What Is Wrong With Asking Questions?

  1. An important point to make: there are no dumb questions, either, if the question is sincere. The person laughing at you for asking something is foolish (intelligence does not guarantee wisdom), and ignorance does not imply a lack of intelligence (intelligence and knowledge are separate things). Ask. Question. You’ll be happier for it, in the long run.

  2. What fascinates me most, I must first mention, is the way you write. Indeed amazing. 🙂

    And, yes, the ability to ask questions is a blessing. The ones who posses that are the true heroes. The ones who are curious are the true winners. because life, I believe, is simply a test. A test of how curious one can be. in the end, knowledge comes to the curious. And, if you don’t start asking, you won’t get anywhere.

    And like kroms has mentioned, no question is a dumb question. There are always things that we know and other mightn’t or vice versa. And this is a fact, that needs to be accepted. To be appreciated. Only then can we learn. Only then can we be content at some point in our life. However, being content doesn’t mean stopping to ask questions. It means being content and yet craving for more info. The more, the merrier. 🙂

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