She had a love-hate relationship with her tears. Which really just symbolised her difficult relationship with emotions - well, any emotion that betrayed vulnerability. She did not fully comprehend tears. What purpose did it serve? Why, at their most emotional, do people leak from their eyes? It was laughable, perhaps ironically. She was proud of … Continue reading Tearless


What Is Wrong With Asking Questions?

When something pisses me off, I write. So, I write, what is wrong with asking questions? Irony. People who are made fun of for asking questions, make fun of others for asking questions, who again make fun of others for asking questions. Well, this is not ironic at all. In fact, it is intentional. When … Continue reading What Is Wrong With Asking Questions?

Women’s Sexual Power

Anita Sarkeesian runs this amazing vlog on youtube called Feminist Frequency. In a line in her video, The Evil Demon Seductress, she says, “The harmful misogynist myth that this trope reinforces is that women primarily use their so-called sexual power as a way to manipulate, trick and control men.”  The fact that she used the word “so-called” before … Continue reading Women’s Sexual Power