White outside.
Red on the inside.
We are so alike,
Oh, you and I!
You tell them, “I’ll destroy you.”
It is written on your box.
They say, “Oh, try me.”
And fall into the hoax.
Deceptively small,
Deceptively thin.
Feeble paper on the outside,
Shrieking hot lava within.
You have owned me;
Like I have owned you.
You let me wrap my sweet red lips
And burn you.
But as you lie in ashes,
So, does your lover.
We are so alike,
Oh, you and I.
Men are foolish–
We both know.
Letting them master us,
Makes them our slave so.
We make them forget the world.
We sugarcoat its bitter acidity.
They think we are heaven;
But we are hellish infinity.
I house your cancerous smoke.
I breathe in your putrid scent.
It makes me lose my mind.
But I do it anyway.
Creating life is easy:
People do it all the time.
But destroying life, ah!
That requires mastery like mine.
We destroy,
While we are destroyed.
We do not mind.
It affords a sweet pleasure
That isn’t easy to find.
So, let us celebrate that sweet secret
By burning you alight once again.
Seeking heaven is common;
I seek my salvation in hell.

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