As The Goddess Awakes


Tormented soul and a tormented mind
Lie awake here tonight.
The midnight oil ceases to burn
As the lamp is silently rolled aside.
“Quaff, oh quaff this kind nepenthe”
But will thy ever forget thy lost Lenore?
Hungry wolves traverse these plains
Won’t it be easier to meet them ashore?
What use is a life where ghosts return,
As the mascara trails down the cheek?
As I lie here in the darkness, waiting
For the arm of the dawn to wipe away this tear.
Listen, oh listen, thou Almighty:
Am I a doll amongst your playthings?
Was I not meant for a higher purpose,
With all that thou hath bestowed upon me?
Would it matter if I fall to spoil,
If I plunder and plumage myself to death?
Or was there a richer treasure to be found
Under the ruins of this temple?
I will wait for the chariot of Eos.
I will wait for victory in this Trojan War.
I will walk away in this white robe
With golden jewels that adorn my scar.
I will rise above the clouds
Painted gold by the rising Sun.
I will rise above my ashes like a phoenix
Because here my day has newly begun.
So, tell your army to gather their weapons,
Tell them to bring their best shield along.
For here I come, a one woman army,
And I shall not be laid to rest for long.
I’ll not fear, I won’t back away,
I will incinerate everything on my way.
I look helpless and I look harmless,
But if that is all you see, I dare you,
Break in to my land, to slay.
Don’t tell that I didn’t sound a word of warning.
Don’t plead for freedom or for life.
Because when the goddess of vengeance doth rise,
Don’t expect the green-eyed-monster to hide.
I will take you on with all that you have
And I shall crush it within your sight.
I will destroy all that you are
And I will make sure you watch it fight.
So, come hither you brave men of the dark,
Trespass into the land of the Sun.
Eat hearty and drink merry,
Because tonight you will be joining your friends in the grave,
And on the pyre, alive you will burn.

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