Kavi Subhas – A romantic escapade

I breathe in
It’s the perfume of grass fields bathed by rain –
Clean, pure and unspoiled,
Like in the beginning of time
I hold your hand tighter,
Warm… Comforting…
I look around
Lights glowing in the distance
A few Kids playing on the streets –
Poor, rustic and unspoiled…
A temple…
A train speeds by overhead.
It illuminates my face.
I melt in your embrace.
It fills me with a glowing warmth,
Comfort, security…
Your kiss
You pull me in closer, closer still…
Passionate, searching…
I break down in your arms
I give in to your love
A kiss
It made me feel complete
Made me feel like I belong there
In your arms
The only place I belong to
In the whole wide world
You hold me close
Like a precious gem,
Like an escaping dream.
I feel complete.
The elderly and the learned
They tell me I’m a fool soon to fall
The world only rewards the sly,
Not the dreamer.
They tell me they have seen it all.
And they tell me I’m a fool soon to fall.
When their judgments grow too loud
I close my eyes and drown out their screams,
I recall that mystical, magical evening.
How could they have seen it all
If they have tasted not that elusive ecstasy?
Those greybeards, have they ever surrendered to Venus?
I have felt love in my tender youth.
I have gazed down upon a million lights
Through the windows of a vacant train
I have gazed down upon a million eloping lights
With my lover’s hand in mine
I have fallen in love in my glorious youth.
I have kissed you in an abandoned temple
In the midst of mists and mosquitoes
I have kissed you at Kavi Subhas
Our never, neverland
I have lived there a long time
I have learnt and known a lot there,
That them disciplining and disciplined
Will never know of…

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