The Cure

“So why did you call me?” I said, entering Reyansh’s office.

His face was aglow with glee, “you will not believe what I’ve just discovered!”

“Then what’s the point in telling me?”

“Just shut up and listen! You know the legendary virus that wiped out the Homo sapiens species– ?

“Everyone knows about it blockhead. Get to your point.”

“I will, if you let me!” he made a face and continued excitedly, “The infection could have been cured by a combination of water and sodium chloride!”

“That’s utter rubbish! That is human tears, right?” I had lost my usual cool.

“It’s actually salt water, also found in the sea, but well, yeah!” he bounced up and down with euphoria, hardly being able to control himself.

“It’s too damn simple Ray! Don’t tell me that YOU, Reyansh Abberforth, one of the greatest scientists of the time, believe that an epidemic which had almost wiped out an entire species, had such an outrageously simple cure! I mean, I know that they were uglier, weaker and dumber but come on, the infected person must be crying a river!”

“That’s where you’re wrong! You see, it has to be the tear of an uninfected Homo sapiens. That’s how it all happened, Ally! After the attack, the clean humans left behind the infected ones and fled for their lives. The infected people, even if they had access to sea-water, didn’t think it would help them. But tears are so much simpler! But you see dying because of that infection isn’t as simple as committing suicide even in the painful, primitive ways that they did it. It was actual excruciating torture. They bled for weeks through every outlet in their body till the sweet release of death!”

I could see the goofy funny Ray being replaced by Dr. Abberforth. He went on, “The last group of survivors consisted of seven humans, who gradually came to be infected and consequently ‘trashed’ by the others, one by one. Except the last two, whose descendants evolved into our species, the Homo hebats.”

“Wait a minute. How would this work anyway?”

“Well the tears need to come in physical contact with diseased, the higher the level of infection, higher is the amount required”

“That makes perfect sense. The sicker the person, more will his loved ones weep for him!”

“That is definitely what should have happened”, he smiled.

“So basically what you are saying is”, my face was scrunched up with concentration, “if only humans stayed behind with their ‘loved ones’ and felt their pain and CRIED for them, their species would continue to exist?”

“Yes”, Ray nodded like a proud teacher.

“But why didn’t they? Weren’t they supposed to be as emotionally developed as us?”

“Yes, kind of, what you need to understand is that humans had very strong survival instincts. They were selfish to their very core!” he cleared his throat, “They professed love for one another till their ‘love’ was tested, which didn’t turn out to be so unconditional after all!” he laughed merrily.

Wow! An entire species could have been saved if only its members had been there for each other during the worst tragedy in the history of that species. But what is the use of survival if there is no love within you? Who would want to live like that, with a hollow empty soul that thought only of food and oxygen? It is no soul at all. I, personally, would prefer to die loving than living alone.

Or would I?


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